Svitlana Vol

Artist Svitlana Vol was born in Odessa. Since childhood, she combined music and painting classes, studying at the Stolyarsky School in the violin class and attending art school at the same time.

During her studies at Odessa State Pedagogical University and during the following years, painting and music were inseparably linked in her works, but for the last 10 years, the music has been only a background for her paintings. Her favourite genres – landscapes, portraits and still life – are painted in oil and graphic arts in both impressionist and realist styles.

She has participated in exhibitions in Europe and Ukraine.

At present, since March 2022, she is in Germany, where her personal exhibition “Odessa – Meer und Licht und Wärme” dedicated to Odessa’s landscapes is being held in Berlin, in the hall of the city library of Berlin-Karlov district.

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