UK for Ukraine is a non-for-profit charitable organisation that has been established in London at the beginning of 2022.

Way to home, acrylic art
Mill, acrylic painting
Way to home - Svitlana Chernenko
Way to home - Svitlana Chernenko
Mill - Svitlana Chernenko
Mill - Svitlana Chernenko
At home - Svitlana Chernenko
At home - Svitlana Chernenko
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Art exhibitions and charitable sales of the paintings created by Ukrainian artists is one of the main types of our organisation’s activity. This major project is called UK for UKRAINE: SUPPORT THROUGH ART

It is a unique movement that daily unites Ukrainian artists in the UK. Some of those artists have relocated to the UK during 2022. However, a major part of the art collection is represented by those artists that still live and create in Ukraine.

All the paintings on this website are based in the UK and available for delivery straight after purchase.

A significant number of paintings by Ukrainian artists have already settled in many British homes because of UK for Ukraine’s effort. Some of the paintings have also travelled to other countries around the world.

In its first year, UK for Ukraine: Support Through Art has become an epicenter of the exchange of energy and warmth between the UK and Ukraine. There are so many visitors in each of our new exhibition locations, that come to us wanting to learn more about Ukraine, its culture, history, art and science.

Each time when UK for Ukraine arrives at a new location, we are told: you have truly breathed life into this space.

Our first major Exhibition and Fundraiser took place in the UK’s flagship financial center – Canary Wharf in London. Rich and vibrant collection showcased by UK for Ukraine has impressed thousands of people who came to the iconic One Canada Square with their support and intention to purchase an art piece by Ukrainian artists.

Following the success of our first exhibition, we were privileged enough to come back to Canary Wharf again for a longer period of 5 months. Throughout the year we have also exhibited in the Polish Cultural Center in London (POSK), Craft Central Gallery in the historic shipyard in London’s Docklands and participated in multiple charitable events and auctions.

Ongoing high interest towards the works of Ukrainian artists, despite everything, inspires and stimulates them to create more. Being able to sell their work in the UK, provides financial support to artists, their families, and also contributes to their ability to donate.

Many Ukrainian women, that resettled in the UK because of the war have found the stimulus and inspiration to paint due to their participation in the UK for Ukraine: Support Through Art charitable project. It was exceptionally difficult for them to find their feet in a new country and new living conditions, but they were able to return to their art because of ongoing support they’ve received.

You choose your special art piece on our website

We are open and ready to come to your space and fill it in with warmth, meaning and atmosphere of Ukrainian art!

In addition to the joy of owning a new painting, there would always be warmth and pride driven by knowing that you contributed to the charitable cause of UK for Ukraine: Support Through Art.