The Rainbow of Life


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An exclusive, fantastic and bright picture. One can scrutinize each inch of the picture enjoying it and having fun. I put so much love and warmth in each ribbon stitch. This picture is the winner of the international silk ribbon embroidery contest in 2016! Why is this picture called? The Rainbow of Life has its individual language, which is woven out of words, music and movements. Each person speaks this language in his own way about the things his soul is dreaming about. That is where the strength and charm, magic, unpredictability and uniqueness of The Rainbow of Life is. The picture is incredible as it combines different techniques: silk ribbon embroidery, silk thread embroidery, felting, modeling, weaving and painting (the base of the embroidery is gabardine hand-painted with special fabric dyes). The picture is decorated with a passe-partout, a golden slip and an Italian wonderful wooden frame, which give a specific charm to this unique flowers and berry composition. Picture dimensions: 50 cm x 57 cm. “The Rainbow of Life” is a picture for real connoisseurs of fine arts! It is a decent gift which will decorate your home and fill it with joy and happiness!

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Dimensions 57 × 50 cm




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