Nadiia Rom

Nadiia Rom

  • 1977 – Year of birth
  • 1984-94 – Secondary education
  • 1989-93 – Art school (painting class)
  • 1998-2004 – NationalUniversity “YuriKondratyukPoltavaPolytechnic”. Faculty of Architecture. Specialty “Architectural Environment Design”
  • 2007 – Architectural office“DADAdesign” establishment (active during next 10 years)
  • 2016 – Existential personal and career crisis. Art was a tool to survive the crisis
  • 2016, November – 4 paintings took part at Ukrainian Art Week exhibition (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • 2107 – painting “The path” was picked as a participant at Ankara Art Fair by exhibition organizer (Ankara, Turkey)
  • 2017, 20th of April – 18th of May – first personal exhibition “Nespokiy” (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • 2017, 12-24th of May – painting “The path” takes part at “Impressionism, Ukrainian version” exhibition (Paris, France)
  • 2018, 15-22th of May – 4 paintings take part at international project Woman’s Essence (Madrid, Spain)
  • 2018, 20th of April – 6th of May – personal exhibition “Rolling in the deep” (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Who am I

As for all Ukrainians, my life was divided into “before” and “after”.

Who I was before 24.02.2022?

Our life was like a run. We were rushing and speeding up more and more. In the run, we were wasting emotions in a hurry, (?).

Suddenly, I realized that I can’t keep going like that. I have to stop. Stop and look closer. Closer to leaves ornaments, to the sky, to stranger’s faces on the streets. Look closer into myself. Things that were inside of me, things that worriedand perturbed me had to break free. I had to see those silver threads that connect inner me and outer world.

I had to stop and try to breath with full lungs, tasting ever inhale. Look up to the sun and see how it looks inside my window and smiles.

I had to see my path. Accept it and walk through it. Even if you fell the horror. And the pain. And there’s no way you can predict what’s waiting behind the corner.

Every person perceives world in their own way. There is a difference in the way how we hear the same sounds, feel the same smells, and see the same colors. Some of us lets world to get through themselves, some live parallel.

For me world is multicolored. Sounds have color, smells have color, people that surround me also have their color. I want to speak up about it, sometimes even scream about it. My inner “nespokiy” (unrest, inner anxiety) – it’s a need to have a dialog with world, look and speak closely, feel its breathing.

To look into very attentively.

To see.

To touch.

To absorb the smell.

To breath.

And to reflect it on all on the canvas.

To be honest, I didn’t have an aim to change the world, make it better, make it cleaner, lighter, less complicated. I didn’t see myself as a Liberty who is leading the people. I didn’t want to create art on the complicated social topics, to rethink and analyze revolutions, global warming, problem of overpopulation, religions, inequality, I simply didn’t want to be extra modern, actual and popular. I just wanted to be. Here and today. Person can’t be in peace with the world if it is not in peace with itself.

My art was, firstly, my way to reach peace with myself.

There is nothing scarier for me than a mutilation of a soul. Black scorched desert in which no sprout will grow, no rain drop will fall – soul won’t be touched by tenderness, joy, love, quite sorrow. There’s no place even for hate and fury. Only emptiness. That’s how I see a complete hell. Emptiness. That is what I stand against with every piece of my soul.

When I’m afraid – I cry, I feel anguish – I pray, I love – I thank God for that feeling. I live until I feel. Until I feel – I’m alive.

That’s what my art was all about. About me. About world, how I perceived it, about people, how I felt them. About confusion, tumble, worry, excitement, joy, pride, tenderness, love.

Painting for me – is a Pray. Finally, when you hear how God answers you, incredible things come out.


24.02.2022 everything has changed and my world split in half. My country, my Mother faced that mutilation of human souls, which I was terrified of. Darkness came upon us from land where live people with dead souls, people who hate all living creatures.

Firstly, I suffocated with pain. It was that strong, I could barely breath and couldn’t draw at all. Scary feeling of a nightmare, wish to wake up again in my shiny world that is full of colors and emotions. With time I came up with an insight that it is impossible. There’s no way back and the only path leads forward. This understanding gave me strength to gradually come to life and start painting about who we are and what we are. Enemy wants to kill us as a nation, wants to conceal us from pages of history even my roots and ancestors. Thus, I feel the need to stand against it.

We are. We have always been and always will be. Because we are unbreakable.

Please look through my resume attached and with my works that you can see by clicking to the link below:

Thank you for your attention,

With my best regards, Nadiia Rom


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