Kateryna Voronina

My path in ceramics is lightened with love of art and the light of many other people.
I was born in Zaporizhzhia, grew up in Mariupol, created a family and a cozy home in Donetsk. When I felt my vocation and began to reveal it, I was first kicked out of my home by war in 2014.
It was a very difficult period. But in order to inspire and delight people with creativity, I continued to learn and create.
After moving to Odesa in 2014, I’ve learned a lot about drawing and photography, and applied the acquired knowledge in my own business. At the same time, I experimented with clay: the original shape and color combination became well-known markers of my pottery for clients.
Two years ago, my family moved to Brovary near Kyiv. In a simple workshop, I created large tableware sets and individual pottery to order. Among my clients, there is a tendency to collect unique ceramics, matching it by color. Thus, they collected individual sets in their own colour scheme.
Some of them chose a combination. And the combination of colours is my love. So whoever wanted one colour – got one. Who wanted different colours – we were looking for a combination and colours together.
This year the war tried to reach me for the second time. But I answered again “not today”. I took my two children and went into the unknown – now abroad. Overcoming separation from a husband who, of course, remained in Ukraine. And again the love of life, art and beautiful people came to my aid. Currently, I represent a Ukrainian brand of ceramics in England.





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