Iryna Ismail

My background is that with the beginning of the war my life was divided into a before and an after. The tragedy of these days is the unjustified death of tens of thousands of Ukrainians, both among the civilian population and among our defenders, the fear for the homeland, the painful patriotism and the uncertainty about the future. The war became a catalyst for my deep feelings of patriotism and protection of my children from the Russian occupiers. Hiding in basements from missile explosions, it is understood that my children’s lives and my life depend on my decisions. We left our home and work… drived under rocket fire, not knowing if these would be the last minutes of our lives or if we would be lucky and escape, but God must have wanted us to survive, because everything worked out and now we are in Oxford.

The war prompted me draw: for me it is like a sigh after diving into the water, a rehabilitation, a cry of the soul that unfortunately can not be put into words after the experience.

My self-expression manifests itself in works of art that reveal a story in each prototype. When you look at a picture, you read it like a book and dive into the emotional world of my consciousness, into a part of my vision of this or that situation. Welcome to my world )

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