Halyna Klepikovska

Halyna Klepikovska, Ukrainian artist. Was born all my life before the war lived in Ukraine, not far from Zhytomyr. With the beginning of the war in Ukraine left Ukraine now settled in England.
Came to creativity at the age of about 30, graduated from art school, then from the College of Culture and Arts, received a Master’s degree in design at the University.

The main areas of creative activity are oil, acrylic, watercolor paintings, as well as paper cutting, furniture restoration, and photo zones creation from cardboard.

With my artwork I try to show my feelings and attitude to the world. Never be afraid to create. Even if it seems that it is impossible to start – everything is possible.


  • February, 2020 – Paper Cut art, Zhytomyr, Ukraine
  • May, 2021 – Woman, oil portraits, Zhytomyr, Ukraine
  • March, 2023 – Acrylic paintings, Bungay, England

Instagram @yellow._.submarine

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GalynaKysilKlepikovska/


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