Galyna Petrova

Beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, there rivers,meadows , the colours of flowers that is love and passion for Galyna.Using pallet knife she create beautiful flowers and landscapes , full of energy with magic colours and interesting textures with atmospheric light. The nature inspires Galyna to do series of” Mountains streams “, ” Flowers” , which she grow in her garden. With her imagination she create beautiful ” Wildflowers ” series. So , you can hiking and travel with her art to places ,the beauty which she would like to share.

Galyna’s artworks were exhibit in museums, solo and group exhibitions in Ukraine, London, Rome, Poland.Her artwork was chosen for the Chelsea Art Society Annual Open Exhibition.She organised her own art projects to raise money for the children with cancer and ” Open garden – exhibition under sky” during pandemic.

Galyna works extensively in oil and pastel painting , her artworks are in private collections in Ukraine, Italy, USA, London, Lithuania ,Sweden, Spain, England, Italy, Tahiti, France , Slovenia and USA, Switzerland , Canada.

Lviv State University of Physical Culture (University of Sport)
The study at Olga’s Brown studio (London,UK)
2013 – Exhibition of embroidery, London, UK
2016 – Group art exhibition, London, UK
2017 – Group art exhibition, London, Uk
2017 – Charity Art Fair , UCC,London, UK
2017 – Group art exhibition “Reflecting Artistic Legacy”, Art Gallery AUGB, London
2017 – Chelsea Art Society Annual Open Exhibition
2017 – Contemporary Art Fair,Windsor
2018 – Solo exhibition at AUGB,London
2018 – Solo exhibition at Museum of History of Nadvirna
2018 – ” Ukrainian artists in Italy “, group exhibition, Rome
2018 – Contemporary Art Fair ,Windsor
2018 – Solo Exhibition at Culture Centre AUGB, London branch
2019 – Group Exhibition at ABC-Gallery, Kyiv
2019 – The Annual Art 2019 Exhibition at the Orangery Holland Park,London
2019 – Solo exhibition at Ice House, London
2019 – Group Exhibition at Museum of Art, Ivano-Frankivsk,Ukraine
2019 – Group Exhibition at Museum of history Nadvirna, Ukraine
2019 – Group Exhibition at Museum of Art, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
2020 – Solo Exhibition at Palace of Art, Lviv, Ukraine
2020 – Solo Exhibition at Bastion , Ivano-Frankivsk
2020 – ” Open garden” personal project Nadvirna
2020 – Chester Art Fair, virtual fair
2021 – ” We are” group exhibition ” Art brotherhood “, Ivano-Frankivsk museum
2021 – ” Open garden” personal project, Nadvirna
2021 – ” Abstract Art” Annual Art Show, Ivano-Frankivsk
2021 – Ivano- Frankivsk Art Society group exhibition
2021 – ” Abstract” , Ukrainian art , Kharkiv
2022 – The Annual Art Exhibition 2022 at the Orangery Holland Park, London
2022 – ” Uk for UKRAINE : Support Through Art”, London
2022 – Chelsea Art Society Open Art Exhibition, London

Facebook: Gala PT
Instagram: @gala_ptart

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