Karina Kucherenko

Karina Kucherenko

Born in 1998 in Volchansk, Ukraine.

• Colour is a way to express your emotions and feelings

I really like colours. They give me an opportunity to show my feelings: gentle and calm or bright and crude; vibrant and rich or light like veil. I like life in all of its aspects. I am fond of nature, flowers and sea. I always find a source of inspiration in them. My eyes enjoy this beauty, and my hands bring it to you with colours.

• The artist who is in love with art

Humans cannot live without air, and I am an artist who cannot live without her colours. Since my early days I have been devoted to art. This is the most important part of my life and the main source of energy for me. I always feel a surge of energy when I take the brush and go to the canvas. Perhaps this is why I rarely think about which colours I am going to us. My hands and eyes feel it intuitively. I do not think about this. I life on this.

• Do not copy others. Be yourself

Our life is our unique experience. Every artist has their own.
My paintings are a part of me. Each painting contains its own story, a story of events from my life. This cannot be copied, but may be seen by looking at my works. This is my style, and I have no intention to copy anyone else. I see this world as beautiful despite anything, and I want you to see it this way as well.

Website: https://karinakucherenko.com/
Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/karina._.kucherenko/

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